Summer Camp Pictures


Unloading the trailer to set up camp at Summer Camp (Gus Blass Scout Reservation).

Goofing off before classes.

Having a little fun in the pool at GBSR.

Having a little too much fun with the counselors.

Meal time with Troop 770 at Gus Blass.

Dedicated swimmers waking up at 5:30 in the morning for Mile Swim.

Swimming one mile isn't all that simple.

Morning Flag Ceremony.

Practicing our "Swiss" Stance with our ever uncomfortable Swiss Seats on.

Belaying for a teammate on C.O.P.E.'s (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) "Hi-Course."

More belaying while someone crosses the 30-foot high Hi-Course.

Friday Night Campfire.

A few of our Scout-moms enjoying themselves.

And it's Troop 770 with a skit!  ("Mmm...  That's good water!")

One last picture at our beautiful campsite.


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