Summer Camp Checklist

July 3 - 9, 2016

PROGRAM PREFERENCE SHEET:  If you haven't done so already, please fill out your program preference request.  You can download it here and fill it out on your computer using Acrobat Reader.  Print the form and turn it in to Mrs. Morin at a troop meeting.

MEDICAL FORMS: Arkansas State Law requires annual physicals. The physician’s physical examination must be within one year of the last day of camp. Also be sure that the health history, signatures, and insurance information are complete.


MEDICATIONS: If a Scout requires special medication, a parent/guardian may be required to come to camp, meet with the Health Officer and sign authorization forms. These parents should call the camp Health Officer before arrival at camp to clarify this information. If cleared by the camp Health Officer, Troop leaders may ensure the Scout receives the medications at appropriate times.


TRANSPORTATION TO/FROM CAMP: Parents are responsible to make arrangements for transportation to and from Scout camp.  If you would like to caravan, we will depart the church Sunday, July 7th at 11:00 AM and drive to Subway or Sonic for lunch. (Bring Money.) Otherwise, we will meet at 1:00 PM at the check-in area for Camp Rockefeller (bottom of hill). BE PROMPT.  Parents can pick up Scouts the following Saturday, July 13, after Scouts eat breakfast and break camp (approximately 10:00 AM).


DRIVING DIRECTIONS TO CAMP: Gus Blass Scout Reservation, 408 Scout Dr., Damascus, AR 72039

Head east on Kiehl, toward Northgate Ave (.9 mi)

Turn right on Brookswood Rd (.4 mi)

Continue onto US-167 Access/US-67 Access/Warden Rd (.2 mi)

Take ramp onto US-67 S(4.1 mi)

Merge onto I-40 W (29.0 mi)

Take exit #125 for US-65 N toward US 65B S/Conway/Greenbrier/Harrison (.3 mi)

Keep right at fork, follow signs for US-65 N & merge onto US-65 N/Skyline Dr.

Continue to follow US-65 N (19.6 mi)

Turn left onto W. Main St/State Hwy 285.

Continue to follow State Hwy 285 (2.8 mi)

Turn left onto Co Rd 274/Scout Dr.

Continue to follow Scout Dr. Destination will be on left (.3 mi)


WHAT TO WEAR ON SUNDAY: Show up on Sunday wearing any Scout or regular T-shirt. Do not wear the Troop yellow or tan shirt because we'll wear those as a Troop during the week. Scouts who have not completed the swim test with the Troop will immediately test after check-in, so wearing swim suit and having pool towel easily accessible is highly recommended.  Carry your FULL Class A uniform on a hanger to camp as it is required for opening flag ceremonies!


VISITORS: Families and guests of Scouts are encouraged to visit Camp Rockefeller on Friday, July 12 afternoon and/or evening, beginning at 1:30 p.m., to visit Units and attend the closing campfire. Closing flag ceremony begins at 5:30 p.m., sharply followed by dinner and the closing campfire. Visitors are welcome to stay overnight at the Family Campground or at the Reynolds Training Center for a $40 per person as space allows. All visitors MUST check in and out of the Reservation at the Camp Office. All vehicles MUST be parked in the main parking lot. The thank you dinner for leaders is for leaders in camp and not for additional visiting leaders who are not staying with the Unit. Only registered Boy Scouts and Unit leaders or parents serving as Unit leaders may stay in main camp. Other family or friends should come only for the Friday visitors’ activities. Visitors are not allowed to bring pets while visiting. Visitors may eat in the main Dining Hall.  Meal tickets can be purchased for $6 per person ($5 for children under seven years old) at the Trading Post. Please note that Friday evening meal visitor count is needed by Wednesday morning. Please pass this information to Mr. Maltbia by Tuesday night so that he can report it at Thursday morning leaders’ meeting.


Troop 770, (Scout’s Name), Gus Blass Scout Reservation, 408 Scout Drive, Damascus, AR 72039


TELEPHONE CONTACT: Gus Blass Scout Reservation: 501-335-7208 (Emergencies Only)

If you need to contact your son, call Mr. Maltbia (501-554-9587). Cell phone coverage is poor in some areas of camp.  Please leave a detailed message or text, and Randy will get back to you ASAP.


CAMP PROGRAMS: Scouts who are attending Summer Camp for the first time will be automatically signed up for the following choices as their top three: Environmental Science, First Aid, and Swimming. Please email your completed camp program form to Tricia Morin.  If your Scout doesn’t turn in a Summer Camp programs form, he may have little say in what programs he participates while at camp because classes fill up.



- Small footlocker or waterproof box to contain all possessions (optional but recommended)

- Small day-pack (e.g. backpack to carry class items, pool items, etc)


- Field Uniform (Class A): shirt on hanger, Troop hat, BSA socks, pants, neckerchief, slide, OA sash (if applicable) for Friday evening

- Activity Uniform (Class B Troop t-Shirt) – Pack both the yellow and tan shirts

- 6 days worth of clothing: socks, underwear, pants, shirts, PJs.


- Boy Scout handbook in Ziplock bag

- Notebook, pencils, pens


- Flashlight & extra batteries

- Battery-operated lantern for tent (optional)

- Battery-operated fan (optional) & extra batteries

- Rope for clothes line

- Alarm clock (battery-operated)

 - Wrist Watch – this is very important for the boys to show up at their classes on time

- Pocket knife if Totin’ Chip has been earned

- Canteen, water bottle, or Camelback


- Swimming shorts &- Pool towel

- Water shoes or shower shoes (for showers only)


- 2 pair good walking shoes (open-toed shoes prohibited)

- Light raincoat or poncho


- Sleeping gear: sleeping bag (or blanket and sheet), pillow (optional), sleeping pad (optional - A cot will be provided for each Scout), .Mosquito net (optional- Mosquitos aren’t a big issue at Camp, but ticks are.)


- Toiletries: shampoo, soap, towel, Gold Bond, toothbrush & paste, floss, comb/brush, sunscreen, lip balm, nail clippers, bug repellent (w/ DEET for ticks)

- Shower towel

- Personal first aid kit: tweezers, band-aids, alcohol prep pads, etc (make own or available at Wal-mart)

- Any personal medications, epipens, etc.


- Games: board games (optional) - NO ELECTRONICS

- Spending money for Trading Post ($20-30) and Scout’s individual merit badges and programs

- Camera (disposable is recommended)

- 2  Kool-Aid brand drinks (sugar already added) grape, tropical punch, etc. to make bug juice for the Troop. Please buy different flavors to provide some variety.

*Additional equipment and money may be needed for certain Merit Badges and programs.



No Bikes (This was a Scoutmaster decision, for safety reasons.)

No lighters, no aerosol cans, no fireworks, no candles, no pets

No food, candy, or snacks – They attract bugs and critters.

No electronics: electronic games (Game Boys, etc.), CD or MP3 players

No sheath knifes

No cell phones (If scout does bring a phone, he will not be able to use it except with SM permission, best to leave it at home)

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