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Personal (Scout) Emergency Kits  (From MeritBadgeDotOrg)

The following information is provided as an illustration of good content for emergency kits.  You may wish to add or subtract other items in your kits.

Emergency Service Pack

_______ Poncho or raincoat (with hood, hat, or sou'wester)

_______ Change of underwear and socks

_______ Small bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, comb, needle, thread, shoelaces, and toilet paper

_______ Sleeping bag (or bedroll of two wool blankets) and waterproof ground cloth

_______ Maps of areas where your troop is likely to serve

_______ 50 feet of No. 5 sash cord or similar-sized nylon cord

_______ Hand ax or belt knife (non-fixed blade knife)

_______ Water purification tablets or pump

_______ Cook kit and canteen

_______ Flashlight

_______ Battery-powered radio

_______ Extra batteries (stored separately)

_______ Hard hat

_______ Other equipment as determined by weather (winter jacket, rubber boots, gloves, etc)

_______ Personal first aid kit

_______ Matches in a waterproof container

_______ Emergency ration (well wrapped)

_______ Pencil and small notebook

_______ Handkerchief

_______ Extra adhesive bandages

_______ Compass

_______ Watch (unless you usually wear one)

_______ Scout knife

_______ Facial tissues

_______ Work gloves

Family Emergency Kit

If you received a flood warning and your family had to evacuate, you might have time to throw together a few items or dash to a well stocked emergency shelter.  It would be better to have a box or suitcase of supplies ready.  A prepared family keeps enough emergency supplies on hand to meet its needs for a few days or, better, for a week. These items come in handy in an emergency even if you do not have to evacuate.  Some families keep their supplies in a basement shelter area or in a storm cellar, if they have one.

Include the following items:

_______ Three-day supply of water (one gallon per person per day) stored in sealed, unbreakable containers such as plastic jugs

_______ Nonperishable packaged or canned foods and a nonelectric can opener

_______ Eating utensils

_______ Any special foods or other items for babies, elderly people, or disabled family members

_______ Family first aid kit

_______ Prescription medications

_______ Battery-powered radio

_______ Flashlight or lantern

_______ Extra batteries (stored separately)

_______ Matches

_______ Blankets, or a sleeping bag for each family member

_______ Emergency toilet, if needed -- use a garbage container, bucket, or similar watertight container with snug fitting lid; plastic bags for liners; and household disinfectant (chlorine bleach) for odor control


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