Camping Checklist

You can have whatever you want in you personal checklist.  You can add or subtract any items you wish but remember that a Scout is always Prepared.  You will need to pack more clothing in the cold,  Poncho when rain is expected, etc.

Troop 770 Campout Checklist

(Suggested list)

1.            Uniform

2.            Scout Handbook

3.            Backpack, or bag to hold personal possessions

4.            Ground Pad (Foam pad or air mattress) Very Important

5.            Sleeping bag or blankets (20-Degree bag with a Fleece Liner and a blanket will keep you warm.)

6.            Small pillow

7.            Flash light with fresh batteries

8.            Mess kit (includes cup, bowl, plate, spoon, and fork)

9.            Poncho or rain suit

10.       Personal First Aid kit (to treat minor cuts and blisters)

11.        Canteen or water bottle

12.        Extra set of clothes (appropriate to the weather)

13.       Extra socks

14.        Appropriate shoes or hiking  boots (extra pair if rain anticipated)

15.        Compass

16.        Heavy String or rope

17.        Money to pay for campout (normally $10)

18.        Small amount of money if stopping along the way to camp out

19.        Small Bible

20.        Compass

21.        Scout knife (if Totem chip earned)

22.        Folding chair

23.        Personal hygiene items (tooth brush, tooth paste, wash cloth, soap, small towel, comb

24.        Bug repellent (seasonal)

25.       Sun Screen

26.       Games (chess, Frisbee, etc)



  1. Check the weather the night before so you can bring proper clothes
  2. Eat before arrival on Friday night as no meal will be prepared
  3. Bring only what you need as space is limited in tents
  4. Bring a separate set of underclothes to sleep in
  5. Do not bring: music players (MP3, IPOD, etc) or electronic games



Troop 770 Summer Camp Checklist


Summer camp time frame: 6 – 12 July 2008 / Summer camp fee: $205.00

You are responsible to make arrangements for transportation to and from Scout camp.

We will depart the Church at 11:00AM and drive to the Sonic in Greenbrier for lunch. (Bring Money)

We will meet at 1:00 PM at the Check in area for Camp Rockefeller (bottom of hill) BE PROMPT

We will return on the following Saturday after breakfast. 7:45 AM


Things to bring

Class A Uniform (Full + extra slide)  and hangar to put it on!!! / Class C (Troop Tee Shirt)

Boy Scout Handbook, Notebook, Pencils, Pens

Swimming Shorts and pool towel / Shorts

If doing Lifesavings Merit Badge – Button up long sleeve shirt / Long pants and shoes that can get wet

6 – Underwear / 6 Pr – Socks (recommend BSA Thorlo hiking socks)

Beret / Troop Hat

Watch & Alarm Clock

OA Sash (If applicable) (Friday evening)

2 Pair Good Walking Shoes – shoes get wet easily (No open toed shoes allowed – Crocks work great)

Water Shoes or Shower Shoes (For showers only)

Normal camping gear / Sleeping bag, pad, pillow also a sheet would be nice (you will sleep on a cot)

Toiletries Kit (Toothbrush, Shampoo, Soap, Towel, Comb, etc.), small 1st aid kit, tweezers

Small foot locker or water proof box to keep your stuff in! (optional but recommended)

Small Day Pack

Mosquito net (optional)

Flashlight (extra batteries) or battery operated lantern for tent / Pocket Knife

Battery operated Fan (extra batteries) (optional, but recommended)

Canteen, water bottle or Camelback (DRINK PLENTY OF WATER)

Games (Board Games, Chess, Checkers, Cards) (optional)

Light Raincoat or Poncho

Bug Repellent (Non-Aerosol)


Spending MONEY: Scout Shop ($20-30.00) / COPE ($10.00) / Leather Work/ Basketry ($10.00)


Rope for Clothesline , plus Cloths Pins

2 – Kool-Aid Brand (Sugar already added) Grape, Tropical Punch, Etc. NO GATORADE


Things NOT to Bring

No Lighters / No Aerosol Cans / No Fireworks / No Candles / No Pets / No Candy

No Electronics/Electronic Games (Game boy’s, Etc.) No CD or MP3 Players

No Sheath Knifes

No Cell Phones (If scout does bring a phone he will not be able to use it except during the evening, best to leave it at home)



Troop 770,  Scouts Name,

Blass Scout Reservation

408 Scout Drive

Damascus, AR 72039


Telephone Service:

Blass Scout Reservation: 501-335-7208 (Emergency’s Only)

If you need to contact your son, Mr. Norcross will have his Cell phone (501-920-6605)


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