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Wood Badge for the 21st Century, is the premier training program for all Scout leaders in the Boy Scouts of America. This includes all Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity and Venturing Leaders, as well as Professional Scouters. Wood Badge is designed to train adult volunteers using the latest leadership skills and techniques. It is once in a lifetime training experience.

Once completed, the Scouters receives a certificate, a small neckerchief, a leather slide, and two small wooden beads on a leather thong. Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, directed the first course in 1919 and gave each of the participants one of the beads which he had captured from the African chieftain Dinizulu. Thus did the course name develop, for its symbol was literally a badge of wood.

Troop 770 has beaded members who devote time, energy and financial support (listed in Gilwell order).


Kenneth Keplinger, SR-689

Dolores Sims, S8-18-12-1

Patricia Morin, S8-18-13-1

Fred Schools, S8-18-13-1


Chris Kennedy, S8-18-13-1


Matt Crockett, SR-873

Susan Kennedy, S8-18-14-1


Robert Foiles, SC-448

Brett Tyler, SR-174

Rebecca Adams, SR-689(3-Beads)


Pat Young, SC-357 & SR-19

Charles Grasby, SR-945

Jeff Berry, S8-18-12-1

Debbie LaCour, S8-18-12-1


Les Tyler, SC-448

Jon Norcross, SR-945(3-Beads)

Randy Maltbia, SR-1026(3-Beads)

Steve Ivy, S8-18-12-1


Jack Bates, SR-000



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